Latest Updates:

Airpo-Tech will be exhibiting at the Airport Suppliers Conference in Dubai with our partner TMT on Dec 11th - 12th 2011.


Termomeccanica GL

AIRPO-TECH is the authorized representative of TERMOMECCANICA GL, one of the largest supplier of Spray Booths and Paint Shop Equipment in Europe with world-wide installations, meeting almost the entire needs of Paint Shop requirements of Automobile and Aircraft Hangars. 

Main Products:

  • GL1 Spray Booth
    The perfect model for a small or medium size workshop and allows working in clean environment without dust and with a sufficient airflow.
  • GL2 Combined Spray Booth
    Suitable for workshops requiring a non-stop painting to optimize the working schedule
  • GL4 Spray Booth
  • GL5 Spray Booth
  • Power Therm                                                                    
    A Spray Booth with an electric turbo-fan directly coupled to the motor.


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